Building local fresh food businesses

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LocalDutch is a complete sales- and production concept to solve inequality and inefficiency in the fresh food chain. Together with local partners we sell locally produced fresh and healthy food in local shops. Going beyond organic and produced in your own neighborhood. As sustainable as it can be!

We deliver turnkey projects with a high local content to the shop operators and
provide a wide range of services to accommodate for good business results and smooth operations

This means that the shop and production area are constructed with local contractors, guided by LocalDutch. The operators are fully supported by the experienced marketeers and growers of LocalDutch with the following (non-mandatory) services:

  • Sales services, including business models, sales & delivery formats, marketing material, and data
  • Cultivation services, applying autonomous climate management and seeds & growth consumables delivery
  • Educational and event services, learning programs, event formats, and knowledge access

Food accounts for nearly half of all the CO2 emissions worldwide.
Also, lots of people have no access to healthy food and the food sector is lacking to attract the needed talent.

We believe that can be done in a better way. With LocalDutch we aim to contribute to a better planet and to have an incredibly positive local impact.

Together we can build a better place.



Renowned ecosystem


  • Food marketing and retail
  • Universities and R&D
  • Experienced growers
  • Growth automation
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Seed companies

LocalDutch is founded by Maurice van der Knaap and Arne Spliet.
Right in the center of the worldwide greenhouse and agTech business .
We have direct access to a large range of experts, farmers, and well-known agri-companies.

Universities of Wageningen, Delft, Amsterdam, and Groningen develop cutting-edge agri-, climate- and retail solutions. Leading greenhouse hardware, systems, and software suppliers are all concentrated in our neighborhood.

You can benefit from this!